Weekend Pet Parents

 Many of us work so much these days,how do we know if we are spending enough time with our pets? Do they notice we are gone eight to ten hours a day? How do they react to us when we come home?  These are questions I often ask myself when thinking about my own dog.  I am lucky enough to take Mocha  with me when I go see my fur clients as I call them, so she has a lot of my attention,but some days I can’t take her with me because I am planning a trip to the grocery and don’t want to leave her in the car which in some states is illegal and in my case I am afraid she will get stolen she’s so cute. On those days she makes me pay for my absence  by pooping on the floor in my fireplace room  every time. I thought at first it was just being angry or defiant,but upon further investigation  I found out it was part of a common  anxiety disorder. I didn’t realize that by talking to her and telling her I was coming right home. I was making it worse and I was only making myself feel better. I make sure now I don’t make it a big deal when I leave I pick up my keys and purse slowly and calmly and walk out without any eye contact. Now when I come home there are no accidents and she seems much calmer. I do make time to play ball with her in the afternoons around the same time everyday so she knows when and what to expect,believe it or not dogs on a routine are much more secure. If you work long hours see about hiring a pet sitter or ask a neighbor to look in on your pet especially if they are anxious when you leave.


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