Sunday humdrum

Today  I am not feeling the best, I have been fighting a sore throat and ear ache since Friday I think they are finally taking over my fight.The weather has been really cold,dry and windy.    I haven’t  been very good or warm  forgetting my jacket a lot at home or wearing a sweater because I can’t stand heavy coats. I am laying here with my two best  friends curled up and writing just to get thoughts flowing, it feels good to have the time.

It’s so quiet all I hear is the ringing in my ear and the distant sound of the television from downstairs or every once in a while I can hear Maddy laughing with her daddy or running as she asks how’s mommy? She’s sweet like that and I am very lucky.  Here I sit now with tea and soup thanks to  two wonderful people in my life and I am sort of happy to be sick.

I run around all week walking dogs or taking care of the neighbors cats and never sit down long enough to enjoy life,for some reason I feel I always need to be accomplishing  something which in most cases is true but I need to sit and listen for that inner peace or that inner piece of Lisa. I can be the best mom in the world or the best pet sitter in the world or wife of the year  but without a cup of hot tea or the chance to watch my favorite programs by myself  I am nothing.  can’t tell you the last time I spent money just on me. I was born this way with thinking

I was watching lark rise to candle ford on PBS  the other night with  my husband laying next to me snoring.  I started to cry softly as I heard the words in the story being told to Laura as she wrote ” be yourself.”   What would it mean to be myself? Lisa Marie Galon Landry?  Would it be selfish or risky? I work so hard to do everything properly and Godly, be polite, be neat, make sure my kids are good examples, be a good spouse, make sure dinner is on the table all the old fashion ideas I have grown up with. Too many years of watching little house on the prairie,maybe but I have a heart for doing what is right and putting all selfish thoughts aside.

My goal this year is to make good on promises to myself to take a trip with my girlfriends, get my nails done once in a while, spend some time enjoying being me a woman and one of God’s children.


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