More than money

  I know someone who is quite special and who puts God‘s creatures before herself. It’s not to say I don’t worry about her and how she lives with such a small income but she is smart and caring and always thinks of others before herself. I am lucky to know her and work for her now every Sunday taking care of her cats. She is a small business owner and we met one day by chance. I was in the area giving out business cards and meeting some of the local business owners.

  When I went into her business it was nothing like I imagined from the outside. It was like stepping into a magical setting,there was soft lighting,classical music and a world of imagination. Macy stepped out from the back room and immediately I knew we would be friends. She greeted me as if we had known each other for a lifetime and we got to talking about my pet business.

Macy invited me to have a seat by her fireplace and offered me a cup of tea as she was in the back making it a small tuxedo cat came and jumped up on my lap. It was unique to see a cat roaming around a business. Macy told me she was a real cat lover and had rescued this sweet girl outside her shop.

I saw two other tails sticking out from under the counter twitching with excitement. I laughed and said they were lucky to have such a luxurious lifestyle.  She told me how many years she had been rescuing and how many animals she helps everyday,”they are so important to me and I can’t stand to see them suffer.”she said. 

  Over the past four years I have become good friends with Macy she is such a kind soul and she has graciously allowed me into her life. I have seen her buy cat food for her shop cats with no regard to the fact she needs to eat as well. She has many animals at her own home as well some on bed rest from medical emergencies or being spayed or neutered. She spends time sitting in the tall grass coaxing little kittens who have been abandoned on the side of the road to safety. She has changed my way of thinking towatds those who truly love God’s great and small.


The difference between puppy Mills and breeders

By the formal definition, a puppy mill is a large-scale breeding operation that produces large numbers of puppies for profit.

Not to mention the fact that by most accounts  they are filthy and inhumane. Dogs are stock piled into cages which are unclean and unsanitary,with little nutrition and a lack of veterinary care. Most mills are run by people who care little about the breeding and more about the money. These dogs are kept in heat and are highly unsociable making these dogs miserable.

A breeder on the other hand has a in most cases a license from the AKC ( American Kennel Club) stating that both the parents are registered breeds. This however doesn’t state the quality or the health of the parents just their breeding. Also a breeder has medical histories and x-rays if the particular breed has hip and elbow issues. They should have a warranty and be open to calls and concerns. Paperwork from the AKC stating that the puppies have been registered with a full or limited registration. Full meaning can be bred and participate in performance activities. Limited meaning performance activities only.

My preference is adoption through a clean,well and registered society such as your local humane society or rescue group. You can always get references and complete factual medical history once the pet has been evaluated. Also you get to save a life and make a difference and change the world!

Cloning your best friend?

I was watching television last night and a commercial for  a new series on pet cloning came on.

  I watched how people really idolized their pets through painting and murals on their walls, sat and ate with a picture on their kitchen table and brought their deceased animal through the airports. I felt different emotions as I watched the pain of loss in their faces and the willingness to do whatever it took to get their beloved best friend back. I was however touched at the fact that unconditional love was priceless in their eyes.,they were willing to do anything and everything to heal.

          I work with animals I have been a pet sitter for over six years now and  a dog owner and lover myself,I know when the time for Mocha(our dog) to leave it will be the hardest and most difficult thing in my life. How will I deal with it?cloning ,would it really even make a difference? I couldn’t replace her. Her soft nuzzle,her soft brown eyes as she tells me in her own way how much she loves me. I don’t think even a clone could replace my heart hurt as I would know it wasn’t truly her.

Would I feel the same amount of happiness when my clone sat on my lap as we rode in the car on the way to a client dancing to the music on the radio? Would my clone dog slip under the covers as I worked on my computer and snuggle close to me like I was the pack leader of their dreams?

I know I would want another little soul to snuggle with and talk to when I was in pain or having a bad day but it wouldn’t be Mocha. About 68 % of american s say they would clone their pets but only 8-9 percent have been successful. It is rather expensive and considering how many pets are up for adoption or abandoned it’s in the millions, it seems to me sort of selfish. Are we so obsessive we couldn’t love or give another animal a chance to come into our hearts? I realize the human heart wants what it wants but so many animals need our love.

I am curious to know how many people agree or disagree with me. Cloning of pets is a fairly new choice .What would you choose?