Sunday humdrum

Today  I am not feeling the best, I have been fighting a sore throat and ear ache since Friday I think they are finally taking over my fight.The weather has been really cold,dry and windy.    I haven’t  been very good or warm  forgetting my jacket a lot at home or wearing a sweater because I can’t stand heavy coats. I am laying here with my two best  friends curled up and writing just to get thoughts flowing, it feels good to have the time.

It’s so quiet all I hear is the ringing in my ear and the distant sound of the television from downstairs or every once in a while I can hear Maddy laughing with her daddy or running as she asks how’s mommy? She’s sweet like that and I am very lucky.  Here I sit now with tea and soup thanks to  two wonderful people in my life and I am sort of happy to be sick.

I run around all week walking dogs or taking care of the neighbors cats and never sit down long enough to enjoy life,for some reason I feel I always need to be accomplishing  something which in most cases is true but I need to sit and listen for that inner peace or that inner piece of Lisa. I can be the best mom in the world or the best pet sitter in the world or wife of the year  but without a cup of hot tea or the chance to watch my favorite programs by myself  I am nothing.  can’t tell you the last time I spent money just on me. I was born this way with thinking

I was watching lark rise to candle ford on PBS  the other night with  my husband laying next to me snoring.  I started to cry softly as I heard the words in the story being told to Laura as she wrote ” be yourself.”   What would it mean to be myself? Lisa Marie Galon Landry?  Would it be selfish or risky? I work so hard to do everything properly and Godly, be polite, be neat, make sure my kids are good examples, be a good spouse, make sure dinner is on the table all the old fashion ideas I have grown up with. Too many years of watching little house on the prairie,maybe but I have a heart for doing what is right and putting all selfish thoughts aside.

My goal this year is to make good on promises to myself to take a trip with my girlfriends, get my nails done once in a while, spend some time enjoying being me a woman and one of God’s children.


Cloning your best friend?

I was watching television last night and a commercial for  a new series on pet cloning came on.

  I watched how people really idolized their pets through painting and murals on their walls, sat and ate with a picture on their kitchen table and brought their deceased animal through the airports. I felt different emotions as I watched the pain of loss in their faces and the willingness to do whatever it took to get their beloved best friend back. I was however touched at the fact that unconditional love was priceless in their eyes.,they were willing to do anything and everything to heal.

          I work with animals I have been a pet sitter for over six years now and  a dog owner and lover myself,I know when the time for Mocha(our dog) to leave it will be the hardest and most difficult thing in my life. How will I deal with it?cloning ,would it really even make a difference? I couldn’t replace her. Her soft nuzzle,her soft brown eyes as she tells me in her own way how much she loves me. I don’t think even a clone could replace my heart hurt as I would know it wasn’t truly her.

Would I feel the same amount of happiness when my clone sat on my lap as we rode in the car on the way to a client dancing to the music on the radio? Would my clone dog slip under the covers as I worked on my computer and snuggle close to me like I was the pack leader of their dreams?

I know I would want another little soul to snuggle with and talk to when I was in pain or having a bad day but it wouldn’t be Mocha. About 68 % of american s say they would clone their pets but only 8-9 percent have been successful. It is rather expensive and considering how many pets are up for adoption or abandoned it’s in the millions, it seems to me sort of selfish. Are we so obsessive we couldn’t love or give another animal a chance to come into our hearts? I realize the human heart wants what it wants but so many animals need our love.

I am curious to know how many people agree or disagree with me. Cloning of pets is a fairly new choice .What would you choose?

Weekend Pet Parents

 Many of us work so much these days,how do we know if we are spending enough time with our pets? Do they notice we are gone eight to ten hours a day? How do they react to us when we come home?  These are questions I often ask myself when thinking about my own dog.  I am lucky enough to take Mocha  with me when I go see my fur clients as I call them, so she has a lot of my attention,but some days I can’t take her with me because I am planning a trip to the grocery and don’t want to leave her in the car which in some states is illegal and in my case I am afraid she will get stolen she’s so cute. On those days she makes me pay for my absence  by pooping on the floor in my fireplace room  every time. I thought at first it was just being angry or defiant,but upon further investigation  I found out it was part of a common  anxiety disorder. I didn’t realize that by talking to her and telling her I was coming right home. I was making it worse and I was only making myself feel better. I make sure now I don’t make it a big deal when I leave I pick up my keys and purse slowly and calmly and walk out without any eye contact. Now when I come home there are no accidents and she seems much calmer. I do make time to play ball with her in the afternoons around the same time everyday so she knows when and what to expect,believe it or not dogs on a routine are much more secure. If you work long hours see about hiring a pet sitter or ask a neighbor to look in on your pet especially if they are anxious when you leave.

Does your pet have allergies?

Last year I  noticed  my dog chewing her feet or constantly licking them. At first I thought maybe she was being obsessive  and would try to distract her from licking by giving her a toy but it made no difference. I mentioned it to my vet and she said it was a possible allergy to a treat I was giving her. Through trial and error I noticed a big change and found out  my dog was allergic to duck. Everytime I gave her this certain jerky treat she would itch. By paying close attention I was able to eliminate this particular problem. Many dogs have simillar allergies but their causes may be different. Scratching ,redness of the skin or sore spots may be caused by dust mites,dust,pollen or food. It is simillar to” hay fever” in humans.Since dogs ingest these allergens they show up on the skin instead of in the sinus area. Constant licking can create sores and yeast spots making your pet very uncomfortable and possibly in pain. Treatments for these allergies may be a special diet or medication to reduce the symptoms. Pay close attention at what may trigger these episodes and contact your vet.