Are you living your best life?

                             My best life what exactly was that?  I kept hearing this phrase from my friends at our church C-3 Lawrenceville.  Until now I didn’t see a best life, I saw an average crappy life, always struggling,praying that things would get better after our tragedy in 2005 uprooted from our home everything taken away. Why did I feel God singled us out? Ron and I were constantly arguing Always working too hard to keep our family together my marriage together was it worth it?  Was God listening and watching ?

Yes absolutely Yes! God had a plan for my family I was just too closed off to see it. Too self centered in my ways especially the way I thought my life should be run, I should be rich in everything my house,my clothes,my car. I  expected  my spouse to give everything to me  because I was his wife, I raised his kids he was never home, I felt entitled. I wore a badge of anger and I wore it well. I had no peace,no control and no happiness. It almost brought me to my knees and was destroying my life.

     I  prayed every night I thought this was what a christian woman and mothers did,it was a routine every night but it wasn’t what a true christian did.  I prayed for my family,thanked God for what I had  it wasn’t what I really wanted  but, I didn’t dare ask for anything for myself as that would be too selfish and after all I was fearful of how God would react. I was such a weak and lowly woman. 

      I  have learned so much  in the past two years through the people God constantly is placing in my life and through my own children and husband. I belong to a magnificent church that actually cares about me as a individual. I no longer feel so angry finally  I have a peace all because I prayed for the best life. A life rich in heart happiness. Salvation is in sight and I have been praying for a heart and mind like Jesus. I pray to the holy spirit to come into me and give me peace. All my life all I ever  wanted was peace,I have friends who love me and accept me for who I am .I have a spirit filled husband who is a very devoted loving spouse. I am such a better person.more calmer more devoted and walking the path of happiness.

 Thank you Christian City church,Pastor Dean and Jill Sweetman for being in my life and showing me how to live my best life!